AA Route Planner
Alternatives to the AA Route Planner

You’ll find different reasons why people find themselves seeking other options to a AA Route Planner. Despite the fact that most the platform is pretty easy to navigate, others just don’t look after the interface. It is just a matter of personal preference. However, there are also some folk who search for alternatives to the AA Route Planner with the idea to use simultaneously in order to double check their route.


Formally referred to as Multimap and from now on powered by Bing, this really is quickly becoming one of the most popular other options to a AA Route Planner. It is a very versatile platform that offers rather more compared to a map and driving directions. You will also find walking and transit routes, current targeted traffic and cameras, gas prices, parking finder, taxi fare calculation and check for businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars, banks, etc. You might also need picking out saving your searched places and sharing and printing these are user-friendly.

Google Maps

Plenty of people who will be searching for other options to a AA Route Planner because they want a complimentary program choose Google Maps. The satellite option enables you to view traffic, terrain, photos of your area, video, public transportation, bicycling, routes and perhaps obtain Wikipedia information. Alternatively, when you select Google Earth, you will see 3D maps right in your browser which can be always useful in helping you to get a sense of your surroundings till you adventure into unfamiliar land.

RAC Route Planner 

This is one of the most user-friendly other options to a AA Route Planner. The homepage screams simplicity in case you are after travel directions and you may put in a midpoint stop along the route for your destination. You might be also due to the option to choose if you want a method directions or there-and-back plus the fastest or shortest option.

The RAC Planner will calculate fuel costs available for you no matter if you use petrol or diesel and you can find up-to-the-minute traffic information. Also, the same as other platforms, you can easily locate restaurants, pubs, museums, service stations hotels or some different you’re looking for.


Yell.com may not be one of the most popular alternatives to the AA Route Planner but that doesn’t mean it’s mainly without it’s share of helpful options. If you click on the map at the very top right corner of your homepage, you’re taken to a significant detailed interface. 

One item it offers is the capacity to figure to five stops along your route. It is possible to totally customize your route, obtain local business information and examine the region you’re planning a trip to being a hybrid, satellite or 3D option. You may also browse the street cameras, traffic, riding on the bus, motorbike bays and you’ll locate parking